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About the Choir

The Udiana Choir (formerly, Kolot Hasadeh) was founded by the conductor Anat Aharoni at
Kibbutz Harduf in 2004. The choir numbers roughly 20 singers from the Jezreel Valley and the north of Israel.


The choir is unusual for Israel, and has performed on some of the best stages in conjunction with other highly regarded Israeli choirs and musicians, to great acclaim from the audiences.


Udiana has received partial support from the Ministry of Culture and Sport since 2012.


The choir sings a cappella, often focusing on music from the 20th and 21st centuries in Europe and modern Israel, selecting songs from different periods and styles. In performances, the choir integrates elements of improvisation, movement, speech, and rhythm. Stemming from the desire to support Israeli composers, and with the aim of being a part of the Israeli music scene, every year Anat invites at least one Israeli composer to create an original piece for the program.

​In 2016 Anat devised a program entitled "Silence" that went on stage in conjunction with the Israeli Brass Quintet. In 2017, the subject was “My Soul Returns to the Fire”, where the choir members explored the quality of fire in our lives. Udiana participated in a festive concert to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Leonard Bernstein in early 2018, performing Bernstein’s Chichester and Bach's Magnificat in collaboration with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra at the Tel Aviv Opera. Later, the choir performed at the Vox Femina Festival and other venues, in a program entitled “Like Clay in the Hand of the Creator”, devoted to women in music and mythology. "Here on Earth: Israeli Compositions" and "Colors" were the two musical programs that saw the light of day during 2019. Following a break due to the pandemic, the choir brought some joy to the local scene with performances celebrating love, and then created a stir with 12 new arrangements for Sasha Argov pieces, by the best Israeli composers, appearing before a packed house at the Tel Aviv Zucker Auditorium and elsewhere.


The choir is a meeting place for musicians and singers who wish to create quality music, through listening as one. The deep commitment to this creative partnership is also the basis for the personal musical development of each member of the choir.

“We are grateful for the music, which reveals the fascinating paths before us, and to the loyal audience who have accompanied us over the years and are partners in our search.”


Musical Director

ענת אהרוני, מנצחת ומנהלת מוסיקלית

Anat finished her studies (Bachelor and Master's) at the Hebrew University in Orchestra and Choir Conducting, and in Musicology and Mathematics.

She is an experienced conductor, voice teacher, composer, and arranger.

“For me, the Udiana Choir is a space where I can search for the truth without boundaries, looking for an internal voice, both for me and the group, exploring the music and the beauty that is created when they work together.”

Anat Aharoni

Conductor and Musical Director


Choir Members


Barak Yavin
Manager of the Conservatory of Music at Mevasseret Zion

and member of the Israeli Brass Quintet

During the past year I was honored together with the Israeli Brass Quintet to participate in a special and unusual concert with the Udiana Choir and its conductor, Anat Aharoni. The concert was originally constructed with difficult and challenging materials. In every concert they sang beautifully at a very high standard. We finished each concert with a feeling of wonder that we had just experienced something deep and meaningful. I warmly recommend this amazing choir. Their seriousness, the level of singing, and the depth of their work make them a choir of the first degree in Israel, and worthy of significant support.

הדס שטורמן.jpg

Hadas Shturman
Choir Conductor

It really was a pleasure in every way: The choice of the unusual repertoire, the varied structure of the program, the developments on stage from the very first moment, the flowing passages connecting one song to another, the aesthetic ‘look’ of the choir, [...] the varied and moving directions to the choir members, and precise execution of the pieces in all their variety of styles. I was very happy to hear [...] all the subtleties of emotion expressed in the work in the singing of your choir. The piece by Hagar Kadima was presented with great force to the audience in all its complexity. [...] "In my garden" (Begani) moved me to tears and “Prayer for Rain” (Tfillat Hageshem) caused ... continue reading

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Haggai Hitron
Music Critic, Haaretz

I experienced both admiration and envy at a concert of the Udiana Choir, conducted by Anat Aharoni. Any link to the "Werther" opera by Massenet is by association only. The concert by the Udiana Choir, based in Kibbutz Harduf (north of Alonei Abba), aroused admiration for the clear clean singing and the pleasant appearance (of the men too!) and envy of the lifestyle of the ensemble participants; as indicated by the website of the Udiana Choir. 

The program of compositions by women (or of women, such as Monteverdi's "Lamento L’Arianna") was well edited. We were brought into the picture – into an atmosphere that can… continue reading

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